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The major thrust of The Sudan Project is our Bible school campus located in Pajok, South Sudan.



This is the medical arm of our work. We cannot tackle spiritual ills and ignore physical ills.


Water Wells

Water wells are also being drilled for clean water in partnership with Healing Hands International.



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June 2017

As we updated you in May, the village of Pajok, South Sudan, where our preaching school and clinic are located is currently occupied by rebel soldiers. All the residents who could escaped to refugee camps, mainly in bordering Uganda. Although our buildings still stand, their contents have been looted.

The church immediately resumed meeting in the refugee camps, however. On their very first Sunday, they were gathering and meeting under the trees to praise God!

Since our teachers, who also had to flee, can no longer teach on our campus, they are now teaching their same Bible classes in the refugee camps, rotating from camp to camp each month. We are also supporting 34 full-time preachers, most graduates of our preaching school, in about 20 different refugee camps. As a result, even more are hearing the gospel than before; and hundreds are being baptized and added to the Lord's church!

John Jock, head nurse in our Pajok clinic, is also a trained preacher. Now that everyone in the village has fled to the refugee camps, he is spending all his time preaching. Today, I received this email from him titled "Good news from a land of hard times." "Good news today in Bweyale camp. The evangelist from a denomination called Nazarene that I have had a one to one Bible study with for two days is added to church through baptism today. His name is David Buom Rik....He was baptized in the evening hour by Brother Edward. It was a very wonderful day."

Since the U.N. didn't have enough supplies for such a large disaster, many in the camps are without sufficient food and water. However, from the generosity of so many of you, over $35,000 has been wired to South Sudanese church leaders coordinating relief supplies for these brave people who fled their homes with only what they could carry on their backs.

Below is a note from one of the men distributing the supplies. it is a note of thanks to all of you who contributed!

"Sir, we are very grateful for the generosity the American brothers and sisters in Christ have shown us. We received the item ...yesterday and distributed them immediately after prayers. God bless you the more."